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Permanent Endowment for Martha’s Vineyard Launches Emergency Response Fund

The Permanent Endowment for Martha’s Vineyard has launched the Emergency Response Fund in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to address urgent needs that face Islanders and their families.  The Emergency Fund seeks to shore up the invaluable role of Island non-profits when crisis hits, whether it’s today’s public health emergency or future crisis facing the Vineyard from natural disasters to financial.  The fund is immediately established with $25,000 from existing sources with the hope and expectation that donors will build upon that modest base.

“The Permanent Endowment is uniquely positioned to deliver immediate financial relief to the many non-profit organizations that step up in times of crisis or emergency,” said Emily Bramhall, the Executive Director.  “This fund is specifically designed to be a rapid response vehicle to quickly get resources where they’re most needed.”

Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis to 501.c.3 Island non-profits based on an application available here, and on the grant application page. 

“We want this fund to deliver relief and hope to the many non-profits that work on the front lines assisting our most vulnerable neighbors,” added board chair Anne Williamson. “We feel an obligation to do all we can to support our fragile safety net.”

Bramhall added that because the COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving day-by-day, the Endowment will continue to reassess both need and the requirements for support from the Emergency Response Fund.

What follows is a brief FAQ designed to address the most immediate questions and will be updated regularly on the website:

My organization is interested in resources from this Fund. How can we be considered?

This fund will make grants to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations, and groups fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)3 organization.  A link to the application is included on this page.   It may also be found on the grant application page. 

I am an individual effected by the COVID-19 situation. Can I apply for assistance from this Fund?

The Endowment understands that the COVID-19 pandemic is having and will continue to have a significant impact on individuals and families on Martha’s Vineyard.  We will work to move resources as quickly as possible to community-based organizations that are directly supporting local families and residents who are most effected. We believe the biggest contribution we can make is to support the work of those non-profits on the front lines who, additionally, are the most qualified to assess and address the greatest need.

May I target my donation to a specific organization?

To ensure that we can coordinate and share resources as quickly as possible, donors may not restrict their grants to an individual grantee. If you have a specific organization you want to support, we encourage you to give directly to that organization.

Should I give to this Fund instead of making other donations?

No. This Fund is not intended to be the only vehicle to give funds to nonprofits working at the frontlines of the COVID-19 outbreak. You are equally encouraged to give directly to those organizations.  We hope this Emergency Fund will be useful for those who want to help but are not certain where to direct their contributions.  The Endowment board is deeply rooted in the Island community and can direct contributions to the agencies providing urgent services.

When will you announce funding decisions?

Grants from this Fund will be accepted on a rolling basis.  We are still determining the frequency with which we’ll consider and distribute payments.  We will share the list of grantees and more information on our website. 

For More Information Contact:

Emily Bramhall 508-338-2212

The Endowment is grateful for your contribution.

You may contribute by writing a check to Permanent Endowment for MV, noting Emergency Response Fund in the memo line, and mailing to P.O. Box 243, West Tisbury, MA  02575.

You may make a donation online by using the button above.  When prompted about which Fund to contribute to, please select other from the dropdown and enter “Emergency Response Fund.”

We will also accept stock transfer.  Please call us for more instructions.

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