Our Investment Manager

Since 1982, The Permanent Endowment for Martha’s Vineyard has served as the Island’s community foundation.  From an initial gift of $60,000.00 from the Estate of Ruth Bogan, we have grown to assets under management of over $13 million dollars.

Martha’s Vineyard Investment Advisors (MVIA), a division of the Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, manages our endowment fund.  As a local community bank their independence sets them apart from the competition. They have generated superior performance and service levels at a relatively low cost allowing the Endowment to significantly grow our endowment over time. We appreciate the time, effort and guidance that they have provided to the Endowment over many years.

Being independent allows MVIA to select various money managers using an “open architecture” approach. This approach has typically yielded the most appropriate investment opportunities based on historical returns, management quality, longevity, investment style and risk profile. More importantly, it allows them to choose managers with styles that match our institution’s investment goals.

MVIA also contracts with Morningstar for research and software they utilize to screen, evaluate, select and monitor the mutual funds and ETF’s that supplement our investment portfolio. For the fixed income component of the endowment fund MVIA utilizes institutional brokerage relationships to obtain fixed income research and to purchase individual fixed income securities.

Permanent Endowment for Martha's Vineyard - The Island's Community Foundation