Photo by Ray Ewing, scholarship recipient.
Photo by Ray Ewing, scholarship recipient.


Mission, vision, strategic intent, and ethics

The Permanent Endowment
for Martha’s Vineyard

The Permanent Endowment for Martha’s Vineyard (The Endowment) is dedicated to improving the quality of life across the Island. Since its founding as a public charity in 1982, The Endowment has channeled its financial resources to Island causes, nonprofits and students, while building and prudently stewarding an endowment to serve as a source of funding for the Island’s future needs.

The Endowment’s volunteer board of  eleven local civic leaders knows the Vineyard’s people and the nonprofit organizations that serve them. The Endowment brings people and resources together to better the quality of life on the Vineyard.

As the Island’s community foundation, The Endowment promotes responsible and effective philanthropy, and the organization specializes in bequest and legacy giving with which donors can benefit the Island in perpetuity.

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The Endowment’s major
goals are to:

  • Provide donors and bequestors with customized philanthropic opportunities through our:
    • hybrid scholarship/grant funds,
    • hybrid endowment/pass-through funds,
    • donor-advised funds,
    • donor-designated funds,
    • field of interest funds,
    • unrestricted funds,
    • memorial funds,
    • and bequests;
  • Help donors build and preserve enduring assets for Island causes;
  • Provide grants that nourish and assist Island-based charitable organizations;
  • Fund scholarships for Island students pursuing higher education;
  • Monitor and assess the Island’s changing needs and promote action on important issues.

Statement of Mission

The Endowment puts charitable contributions to work for the people of Martha’s Vineyard by making grants that address community priorities, funding scholarships for island students, supporting community initiatives through fiscal sponsorships and other funding options, and building an endowment that will provide resources to enhance and preserve the quality of life on the Vineyard forever.

Statement of Vision

The Endowment envisions its growth as a community leader striving to improve the quality of Vineyard life by building permanent endowments, promoting effective grant-making, fostering philanthropy, helping donors achieve their charitable goals, and stimulating community dialogue.

Statement of Strategic Intent

The Endowment is committed to strategies that honor the past, fund the present and invest in the future.

The Endowment is here for good.

Statement of Ethics

In recognition of the importance of philanthropy in serving the public good, all board and staff members will adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality, stewardship, accountability and transparency, diversity and inclusiveness, governance, loyalty and respect.

Permanent Endowment for Martha's Vineyard - The Island's Community Foundation